My Mother is on Facebook

Okay my mother isn’t exactly on Facebook but these days, how can you be so sure who is? My Great Uncle down to my 11-year old cousin is updating their status’ almost daily. Now the question to be asked: what draws the line of appropriateness?

Last week I went on two tours with the student organization I am involved in (Public Relations Student Society of America). The first tour was a P.R. Agency called Fasthorse. To me this place seemed very casual, laid back and a FUN place to work. (Future job? Internship?)  The question was of course brought up by one of my peers: “Where is the line of what is appropriate to put on Facebook?” They answered it in a very interesting way, “We know you are in your college years, but by the time you are in your Junior or Senior year you should probably be cleaning it up a little bit”. They also explained that we DON’T need to block and clean up everything, because that won’t show the employer any of their personality.
Side note: Fasthorse was AMAZING, and I will blog more about that and my other tours at a later date.

The next place we toured was Target Field, and being born and raised in the Metro area, it was sadly my first visit! Anyways, during our Q&A session the question was (of course) brought up again “Where is the line of what is appropriate to put on Facebook? The representative from Target Field had an extremely different take on what is deemed appropriate. To sum it up, they suggested cleaning up everything. They also told us to watch what we post. A picture may say a thousand words but a status update actually says it. They told us a story of an intern who wrote a very inappropriate status related to not having to sing the National Anthem, I think you know where the story goes from there.

So not only are employers checking out your photos, but what you are actually posting. It may not phase you now, but sometime down the road that one status, wall post or comment could turn up in a employers lap (although this is unlikely, there could possibly be some employers out there who look through your whole timeline).

With that said I found this interesting article on PR Daily- see the story here. Its titled: “Study: Parting pics on Facebook not so ugly to employers”
According to the article, the study showed that in fact, it could help your chances at a job (better than any personality test could do). Employers (generally) want to see your hobbies, personality and interests through your page. A couple pictures of you partying here and there isn’t going to kill your chances.

Basically the things you decide to share (or not to share) on Facebook is completely up to you. Don’t fret over the fact that you’re amazing trip to Las Vegas is going to cost you a job or internship opportunity.


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