Tweet Tweet!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy! Spring Break really set me back, and also I kind of had some writers block and spend a lot of that time brainstorming new and fun ideas to blog about. 🙂

Something I’ve always been a big advocate for is Twitter. It took me a long time to figure out how to actually use it, I started off by tweeting fun things back and forth to my friends and following celebrities. As twitter has grown, so has my knowledge, and how to use it the right way. I started following big names in PR, advertising and marketing, along with intern and job search twitter profiles.

What I think is really awesome about Twitter is that you can’t share “too much” information, which seems to always be an issue with Facebook. If you don’t know what Twitter is (you must be living under a rock) but you only have 140 characters to share your thoughts. That is not nearly enough characters to vent about some of the things people post on Facebook. Twitter has more of a professional aspect too it. In one word Twitter can be described as simple.

After reading an article I found on PR Daily “5 ways to use Twitter more effectively”, this one tip was really interesting to me:

“Make a go-to source list: Identifying Twitter users who are great sources of relevant and credible information is helpful in aggregating content. It also helps identify key players with whom you want to engage.”

That is definitely something I am going to do, go through all of the people I am following, make a list, and favorite certain professional or credible profiles.

If you haven’t yet jumped on the Twitter bandwagon I would definitely recommend it. For me, I love any new up and coming social media site, but Twitter is something that is going to be around for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if it knocked Facebook off the radar.
and one more thing….



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