Coral, Floral & So Much More- Spring Trends.

My newest addiction to Pinterest has created an ever bigger addiction to fashion. I could pin photo’s all day that relate to my style, and lately I’ve noticed a similar pattern in what I’ve had my eye on, and I’m not alone.

ImageIf you take a look at my Fashion Obsession board on Pinterest, its full of corals, whites, floral and lace. Just today as I was watching E! News, I noticed the same trends that are being seen on the Red Carpet. My question is: where the heck can I find all these amazing colors and patterns I’m seeing going viral? Looks like I need to do some major shopping soon. 🙂

To go off that, it’s also interesting to see how fashion trends, and why certain styles and colors are ‘in’ and why others ‘aren’t’. I’m not complaining, these spring styles are probably some of the best I’ve seen in a while. (I mean, UGG boots and mini skirts from like 6 years ago, really? who ever decided that was ‘trendy’?). That is definitely something I can see in my future, I would absolutely love to work in anything fashion. To even have a potential say to what consumers see in the stores or in magazines would be an absolute dream of mine!


Another really cute trend I have seen every where is BRIGHT and BOLD colors- especially in accessories. Teal and red’s are really going welltogether which you wouldn’t ever imagine looking good together, or at least thats what I thought!

Fashion is one of the best ways of expressing yourself! Regardless of what anyone says, we all strive to look our best and we should all be proud of our personal style. One of my favorite things is expressing myself through fashion, and although that might sound conceited, it’s what I am absolutely passionate about!

One last thing- who doesn’t LOVE how T-swift looked at the ACM Awards? Seriously flawless. White is in everywhere, and I love it!


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