Everybody Starts at the Begining

 It feels so good to finally be done with the semester, to enjoy some time off… maybe go on vacation. Ha, who am I kidding? I am going to be just as busy this summer. People think I’m crazy for being so busy 24-7, but I am just trying to prepare myself for after school.  “Everyone starts at the beginning” is a great quote my advertising professor told our class on the last day, and I want to jump a little ahead of that by the time I graduate.

My dad especially, thought I was near crazy that I was working so hard for little to no pay, but I know it will pay off in the end. The past year I have been working in a student organization for very little pay, getting my experience with event planning, and I also was interning at a local radio station in St. Cloud. Because of that I was able to fatten up my resume for future employers. Thinking nothing would come of either, I was actually hired as part time employee at the radio station. So in a few short weeks I will be on air with my own show. Completely terrifying but I couldn’t be more excited. I also got an internship at a local nonprofit organization, so needless to say, I am going to be VERY busy this summer.

I easily could have said no to all of that, and spent my summer getting my tan on, spending days at the beach and loving life. I even think myself as crazy sometimes for all of the things that I can take on at once… but this is my beginning, and by starting now I can hopefully snag a super awesome job after school.

A career in anything mass media you NEED to do something to set yourself apart. There are so many talented people just like you fighting for the same job, so how do you stand out in such a big crowd?

Here are some tips I have learned that I want to share for anyone considering going into PR, marketing or advertising:

  • Create a blog! It’s a great way to get writing experience and show your personality.
  • Get as many internships as possible. If you are a college student- you have 4 years of possible internships, and sooner or later your experience will get you a paid one, or even a job!
  • Start talking to people- simple as that. Start researching your favorite companies and start chatting with some of the big (or small) guys. Most any company is willing to give a tour or an informational interview.
  • Attend networking conferences, I went to one back in February and have a ton of business cards I can contact for future jobs.
  • Do something different, whatever that may be. I still haven’t quite figured that out for myself yet…
  • Lastly, have some PASSION. Employers love people who are self motivators, and have an extreme passion for whatever field they are going into.

So yes, we all start from the beginning, but do whatever you can to get that jump start.

Happy Friday! 🙂


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