How Social Media Helps Me Be Less Indecisive

Something I’ve noticed about myself is how hard it is for me to make a simple decision, like what cereal to buy at the grocery store, or what theme to pick for my wordpress blog.

Big decisions, however, are fairly easy especially if they are, you know, life changing and what not.

Something that I have noticed when it comes to Facebook and Twitter is that everyone always wants to give their ‘two cents’. Most of the time its over stupid things like what to eat for dinner, or if you should go out or stay in. There’s other times where its heated debate over something not necessary for all eyes to see.

Something I really love about social media though, you can get an opinion on almost anything if you really need it. “Where’s the best place to eat in _____” or “Looking for an internship” always seem to have positive effects. I experienced that yesterday actually when I simply wanted to know about some good shows to start on Netflix.

ImageAs you can see to my left, this is only half of the comments that I received (obviously for privacy issues I blurred out names and pictures).  Some of the shows on there I’ve already watched, and a couple that really spiked my interest. By popular vote I started watching the show Revenge on ABC and turned out that I absolutely loved it! So seriously don’t hesitate to put your questions out there, you will most likely get exactly what you are looking for.


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