Inspiration of the Week!

(This may look like I wrote an inspiration blog about myself, but I didn’t this is a REBLOG! haha)


This is what made me realize I am going down the right path in life, such kind words from a great friend. Thanks Lizzy, you really lifted my spirits in a time of stress.


I hope I can continue to help my friends, family and peers in any way possible because that is true happiness to me!!


By: Lizzy Miller

I thought I would take the time to point out my inspiration of the week. I don’t think this person gets enough credit for the hard work that is put into making SCSU PRSSA not only a great organization, but making it into a family. It has been tough to get members to come to our meetings and keep them interested in the past, but this person has had fun ideas to keep everyone on their toes and excited to be apart of something so great. The attendance at our meetings has nearly doubled since last year, and the number of people willing to contribute to the organization is outstanding (Thank you members!)

President Erin Hermansen is my inspiration of the week!

Erin is involved with many other activities other than PRSSA and still manages to keep everything for our group organized and fun. She always…

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