A great team makes for an amazing journey

From all of the amazing organizations and companies I have had the pleasure of working for, I have never seen a more passionate group of people than St. Cloud State University Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). SO many passionate, driven & outgoing people in one room? They are anything but ordinary….should I be cliche and say extraordinary? Yes. 

Last Spring when I decided I wanted to run for President of PRSSA, I thought I bit off more than I could chew because there was a LOT I still needed to learn about this organization. I came into the position with one mindset, and that is give it my 100%, even if I had to do it alone. My goal was to build this organization from the inside out- creating more membership, creativity and productivity. 

So now looking into the first half of Fall semester, I can easily say that was achieved- and the best part?

I barely did anything!!!

Having such an amazing team right beside you, with the same passion, can drive an organization or even a company to its highest potential. What we have so far has gone above and beyond my own expectations of what this organization can really do.

Not only is our e-board creative thinkers, self-starters, and totally fabulous, the members are really what keeps us afloat. Especially after our group trip to Chicago, we really bonded as an organization and I can say I am friends with everyone in our group. That is something I couldn’t say last year!

To sum this up, this is a shout out to every PRSSA member, I could not be happier at the success we have had and how much potential this has to grow to something big.

Keep on rocking 🙂



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