Thanksgiving=Yoga Pants

Every holiday is my favorite… especially the ones I get to spend time with my family (I know, crazy right?). I have a very small immediate family, so the opportunity to see my extended family is truly one of the best feelings.

Thanksgiving is one full afternoon of amazing food, drinks and conversations. It’s very…. informal in a sense, that’s why I love it. I already have my outfit picked out….. YOGA PANTS.

I can probably speak for everyone when I say why it’s my favorite holiday: THE FOOD. It’s always the same, every year, soyou know what deliciousness to expect. My mouth is just watering thinking about…seriously.

Something I started last year, and I hope I can do again this year is to make my mom’s homemade apple pie in her honor. My wonderful aunt helped me cook it last year, and this year I may tackle it on my own. It was a huge hit, so I’m hoping I can wow them again ;-). 

Turkey is probably my favorite, but I am a dark meat lover. It’s simply the best, sorry.

Second favorite: dessert & drinks- I will absolutely use Thanksgiving as an excuse to drink too much wine, and eat my weight in pie.

Whether you’re headed to Old Country Buffet for a second annual St. Cloud Thanksgiving (like a few of my roommates haha) or you have a huge family Thanksgiving planned like me- remember to be thankful for everything in your life. I sometimes take that for granted.


Happy Turkey Day!! Thought this was rather funny below… haha



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