Reality TV- good or bad?

With the new show “Buckwild” premiering on MTV this January, I had to ask the question- how far has reality TV gone? It’s everyone guilty pleasure, but are some going too far?

A lot of young girls watch MTV whether their parents like it or not, so why should they subject impressionable minds about drinking, partying, and sex?

Don’t get me wrong- the shows are hilarious, and are intended for an older audience but some of the things in that promo lead_pvggqwere very vulgar. Okay, now I sound like a mom- but it’s true! I think there are some really entertaining and funny reality shows- Finding Bigfoot (the best), Catfish, Pawn Stars. Some, however, like Keeping Up With the Kardashians (vomit) have even gone a little too far.

I just wonder what lengths a network will go to for ratings. Obviously a big part of being a parent is setting ground rules and telling your kids what they can and cannot watch, but they are still most likely going to see it anyways.

Another sticky situation reality TV can bring up is bullying. Pinning girls against each other, talking bad and getting into fights makes it seem like its “normal”, when its not.

1282079337_u811.cover-290And of course, the biggest issue- teen pregnancy. I love myself some Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant but WHAT message is being sent to young girls? It seems like MTV puts this perception that if you get pregnant, your life will be fun and exciting and you can possibly be famous. That, however, is rarely the case.

That’s my days rambles. I feel pretty strongly on this issue, yet I am sort of a hypocrite because I am a reality TV junkie! 🙂


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