Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

Cat_CatLaughingCoveringMouth_xlargeThey say laughter is the best medicine. Okay, maybe not for curing your sore throat or headache (I’ve seriously tried this, for how many times I’ve been sick), but it can help bring you out of a difficult mental or emotional state.

Yesterday I received some unfortunate news. I applied for a few scholarships to help me on my trip to England this summer, and I didn’t receive any of them. On top of that, I applied for an Excellence in Leadership award, which I was also denied. So much disappointment can really put a damper on a day, or even an entire week.

I knew disappointment was something that would pop in and out of my life, and there is virtually nothing I can do about it, so I wanted to find a fast way to get me out of that “funk”.

It’s all said and done, so why do I keep dwelling? I thought that as I was sitting on my laptop after work last night. I knew if I kept at it, I would over analyze every aspect of why I didn’t get any of those opportunities. So I hopped on Netflix and pulled up my favorite stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan.

It’s truly amazing how something funny can change your entire mood. Dwelling all day over something so small, and watching only three minutes of Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up put me in an instant good mood.

I never realized how much I reallied on laugher in my life. I finally pieced it together how much I simply just love to laugh. I grew up in a family of comedians (seriously, my aunt does comedy on the side and my family and I can quote every comedy movie there is) so, needless to say, it’s been around in my life for a long time. Some of my best memories come from an afternoon of laugher and fun with my friends, and I never really knew how much it impacted my life. I suppose I like the little things in life.

I’m really happy to say I learned something new about myself yesterday. A little laughter can really go a long way.

Also, if you have never seen Jim Gaffigan do stand-up, watch it now.



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