Everything but a morning person

Today started out as any other day. Woke up early, got ready for class, packed a lunch and made some coffee. Halfway to class I look down and see my right hand is empty: I forgot my coffee.

ImageA day without coffee instantly turns my positive outlook that day, into someone you don’t want to cross paths with. Forgetting my coffee at home made my morning one of the worst its ever been.

Now, I am not completely dependent on coffee. I don’t drink it all day long, seven days a week. I do, however, need at least one cup in the morning to give me that jolt I need for the day.

Realizing I had to go through my 12 hour day without coffee made me think of what I would have to change in my life if I could never have it again.

By some odd coincidence I came across a tweet this morning by @InternQueen asking the question: “Are you not a morning person? Here are some tips to jump start your day!” My eyes lit up, I needed to find a better way to get myself going in the morning!

For the full story follow this link, but I wanted to highlight some of my favorites I am definitely going to try.

  • Wake up call
    No matter how motivated you may be, everyone has the temptation to hit snooze and crawl back under the covers. Eliminate that thought altogether by setting your alarm clock or phone across the room from where you sleep. Getting up to turn it off forces you up and at ‘em – the key is to keep moving, don’t let your pillow beckon you back to bed!
  • 4. Lay low later
    You’ve heard it before: too much television, computer or other “screen” action prevents you from drifting easily into that much-needed sleep. Suffice to say, too much of anything right before bed can’t be good – that includes food. Rather than munch out or watch that one last YouTube video, catch up on that book you’ve been meaning to read – wind down as much as you can so the transition to shut-eye is easier.

I am notorious of hitting my snooze button at least 10 times before I get out of bed, which usually has me rushing. Tonight, I am going to put my phone across the room before I fall asleep, and we’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning having to get up the first time :).

I also can’t seem to turn my brain off after a long day. I feel the need to keep my brain working and catch up on emails, TV, and even some homework. I need to take the challenge to put my computer away before bed and relax with a book or my television on low.

I am going to test it out tonight… and we’ll see how well I wake up tomorrow morning. 🙂


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