Beer Exploration of the Week

One of the biggest excitements about turning 21 was to be able to taste a tap beer for the first time. I always tried my dad’s beers here and there out of the bottle, and he always had a wide selection of craft and dark beers. So I made a goal for myself to taste every beer I came across (It’ll be an ongoing goal 🙂 ). I never thought this could actually be a hobby of mine, but it is! Craft beer expo’s are especially fun; and I am looking forward to attending my first one next month.

People who love food are called foodies, well feel free to call me a beerie (okay, maybe not, that sounds weird)


The beer I tasted this week- many, many times, is Blue Moon Valencia Grove Amber. It tastes no where near what I expected, in a good way! Blue Moon has a very predominate wheat infused, orange taste to it. The Valencia Grove Amber has a subtle richness to it, and the great taste of an amber ale. It also has a very slight hops to it, on the sweeter side (somewhat floral). It’s not your average “summer” beer, but I can definitely see myself sipping one by the lake this summer… once I get back from England that is 🙂

Looking at reviews of this beer, it’s not a huge hit amongst people who’ve tried it, but I absolutely love it. Try it on tap first, which I prefer. It may surprise you!



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