Beer Exploration(s) of the week

This weeks beer exploration happened during my trip to Milwaukee, and I was extremely impressed by the selection and taste of the beers I tried.

As I learned during my trip to Milwaukee, they are huge on beer distribution and have a wide variety of crafts and micro brews. If Milwaukee wasn’t in Wisconsin, and so far from Minneapolis, I’d consider moving there specifically for their beer.

ImageThe first beer I tried was probably my favorite of all the beers I sampled. It was Lakefront Brewery Wisconsinite Summer Weiss. It had a great mix of wheat, hops and some familiar spices I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It tasted like nutmeg or cinnamon, which added that little extra to the beer. I think I would really enjoy this beer on tap, and although it only came in the bottle, it was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before. It also went excellent with the sushi we were having. Lakefront Brewery’s website says to pair this beer with lighter meals like fish or salmon, so I think it was an all around good pick.

Fun fact, almost every single ingredient in the Wisconsinite Summer Weiss is Wisconsin grown and produced. Okay, so maybe there ARE some good things that come out of Wisconsin after all.

The second beer I tried, I only had a sip of, but it was a beer I wasn’t expecting to like. It Imagewas New Glarus Cabin Fever. This beer was a Honey Bock and the aromas and flavors of citrus and honey were very prominent. It is definitely going on my list of beers to buy once I go back to Wisconsin.

Side Note: I am noticing a theme here as I am commenting on the beers I gravitated towards in Milwaukee: they are all wheat beers. So my goal for next time is to try something completely out of my element like an IPA. 

Okay, the third beer I tried was definitely my least favorite but it was still very good. On our quest to find the “best bloody mary” in town we stumbled across this Imagetraditional English pub called Cafe BeneluxI could have easily spent the entire day at this bar because of their phenomenal beer selection, they had an entire book dedicated to their beer. I asked the server for something light and similar to Spotted Cow, (at this time, I still hadn’t had one yet, and its my favorite beer), she recommended Ommergang Hennepin. It had a traditional golden pour with hints of fruits, I believe peaches or something similar. Again, this wasn’t my favorite so I didn’t pay much attention to the finer details. It also wasn’t worth $7.50!

The fourth and final beer I tried during my adventure in Milwaukee was Solomon Juneau which is brewed right in Milwaukee at the Milwaukee Ale House. It Imagewas crisp, refreshing golden ale that had a fantastic taste. I also enjoyed the very slight hops to it, it added that little extra something. This and the Wisconsinite beer were my two favorites by far.

I was able to get my Spotted Cow fix while I was there, but sadly forget to buy my own six pack before crossing the border into Minnesota.



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