Beer Exploration of the Week

So, like I promised, I branched out of my comfort zone and tried two beers earlier this week that I, surprisingly, loved.

ImageThe first one made my giggle, it’s called Buffalo Sweat, sounds gross- right? I sure thought that when I saw they put it on tap at my work. Everyone who has tried it was raving about it all night at work. I couldn’t just take their word for it, I had to give it a sample, or three.

I think to myself, there’s no way I am going to enjoy this dark, oatmeal stout beer. I already felt myself throwing up a little. Okay, that was an exaggeration, it just sounded terrible to me.

The look and smell of the beer was far different from what I expected. I imagined it to taste bitter, malty and thick. It was the complete opposite. It was rich and malty in a good way, with a little coffee/mocha after taste. I haven’t drank a full one just yet, because I was taking advantage of the .75 cent cans of Rolling Rock that night (don’t judge, I’m a poor college student).

I am now not opposed to drinking oatmeal stouts. Also, Buffalo Sweat is fun to say!

The second beer I tried was interesting. It was very good at first, but noticed myself not really enjoying it anymore about halfway through. Initially poured, into a chilled glass, with a perfect head made the beer taste fantastic. But then, I got to talking- as I often do, and neglected it for longer than I anticipated. It then got on the warmer side and I wasn’t really feeling it anymore.

ImageBatch 19, from Coors, has a fun back story. It’s a beer from the prohibition era (an era I could never live in). The beer itself is inspired by the beers brewed around and prior to 1919. The recipe was found deep in the archives of the companies basement. They messed around with the recipe and finally got something acceptable to sell in 2013.

So, what did it taste like? It tasted like a lager, but with slight hops and a fruit-like after taste. It was full-bodied and tasted nothing like Coors Light or Coors (which is what I kind of expected).

The valuable life lessons one can learn from beer. Never judge a book by its cover- one may simply surprise you.



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