My First Few Weeks in England

How fast time flies! I have been here for already for four weeks! So many wonderful experiences so far I don’t even know where to start. The cities I have visited have been absolutely breathtaking. Even just here in Alnwick I have to pinch myself as a reminder I am actually living here.

ImageNow time to do some catching up… weekend one was by far my favorite. We went to Edinburgh for our first field trip and about 11 of us decided to stay over night. The city itself is by far the most amazing city I have ever seen. So much history in the city, yet so modern at the same time. We also were extremely lucky and went on a gorgeous day. We spent the night in Edinburgh at the most beautiful flat that overlooked the town of Edinburgh. We made a family dinner, and hung out for most of the night- what a blast, such a great group of people I spent the weekend with. We were having so much fun at the flat we only made it to one club that night, and only for about an hour. The club wasn’t anything I haven’t seen before, just needed to be more conscious of those around me (first time outside of Alnwick can be rather intimidating). Everything about that weekend was just a blast. I can’t wait to visit Edinburgh again!


We spent the next day exploring the city. We did some shopping, got some lunch and just soaked up the Edinburgh scenery and wonderful sunny day. Derek, Cienna and I took some time out of our day to tour the Scotch and Whisky Museum (its kind of a must-see when you’re in Scotland). We learned everything there is know about Scotch, still didn’t change my liking for it. I did, however, not completely gag when I tried the scotch they gave us. I may even admit to liking it, a little bit. It’s a work in progress.

The second and third week flew by fairly quickly due to the piles and piles of homework we are receiving, but its nice to take some time on the weekends to just have some fun. Our

Imagesecond field trip, this past weekend, was to York. The city itself is over 2000 years old, which I still can’t wrap my mind around. We saw shops and pubs that had a sign on them saying the buildings were from the 1400s. That is so unbelievable it’s still standing! You could tell they were drooping over a bit.

After York, a group of us decided to spend the next day in Newcastle. I have never seen a city party as hard as Newcastle. We made good friends with a hen party (bachelorette party) that we ended up meeting up with later in the evening.  It was really fun exploring this new city with absolutely no agenda. We spent most of the afternoon shopping and ended up on this wonderful rooftop patio at this pub called The Strawberry. Yes, and of course I drank Newcastle, you can’t not drink Newcastle in Newcastle. (My beer exploration blog is soon to come!) What I did find out, however, the Newcastle brewery moved to another country about three years ago so unfortunately they had no Newcastle on tap, just in the bottle.

We finished up the evening with drinks and food and great conversation. Sometimes that’s all you need after a stressful, busy week. I am so lucky to have met the people I have and I am really looking forward to the next six weeks of this adventure that surprises me everyday.



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