Good Vibes

Good Vibes

I came across this post on Instagram last night and I found it extremely inspiring. Mostly because I believe in the power of good vibes and optimism. Although those two characteristics cannot change the world, or make all of your problems go away, but being happy and confident can get you far.

Putting out good vibes for yourself and those around you can inflict change in attitude, perception and mood. Putting out a positive thought on that job interview you had puts you at ease and gives you confidence to write a killer follow-up email. Persistence, drive, and confidence are some of the most important things, I believe, employers like to see in potential candidates.

Simply all around having a positive view on your actions and life decisions can create a happier atmosphere for yourself, and those around you. You can encourage others to think optimistically and be positive during times that may seem a little heated or stressful.

And although things may not work out in your favor every single time, it means there is something better, something or someone more important you were meant to cross paths with.

Being in your twenties is such a learning experience, and that time to figure out what it is you want in your life and how you’re going to achieve it. The first thing we all need to do is take a step back, and be purely and truly happy about where we are in life, and the unknown adventure we are preparing for.


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