Taking Chances

Taking Chances

A friend of mine posted this photo on Instagram earlier this week, and I found it extremely inspiring. I have been in moments of my life where I have second guessed my decisions, considering backing out because it was either too hard, way out of my element, or just something kind of scary. As I look back on my four and a half years of college, graduating next Saturday, I couldn’t be happier with the decisions I have made.

There were times were I felt like quitting, not taking that chance, because at times I truly felt it didn’t matter without my mother in my life. She always encouraged me to be great, and do great things. She told me at a young age I was a good writer, and made me promise to study abroad when I am in college. (Which I did!) She was my inspiration to do great things, and it was hard at first to walk this road without her. I have realized though, that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I wouldn’t have taken the chances I did.

I am feeling rather nostalgic today, as I am about to enter the next chapter in my life. I know how proud my mother would be of me; and that is my biggest inspiration to do great things, take risks, have fun & live a fabulous life.


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