My (Huge) Jump Into Full-Time Life

Wake up (early). Go to work. Go to bed (early). Repeat.

This seems to be my new routine, and no amount of time can prepare you for this huge life-altering change. You also don’t realize how wonderful it is until you’re actually there.

I will not lie to you, I was scared shitless to start a full-time job. The thought of working 8-5 Monday-Friday made me cringe over the loss of my social life. In my first week at Gaslight Creative, however, I have realized that although I may not get to take my two hour afternoon naps, or hit up Brothers for half-off drinks on a Wednesday night, I have a copious amount of free-time on my hand.

Another thing no one told me (well, people probably did, but I didn’t listen) is how much fun your first job can be. You get to meet a whole new crop of people, and implement all of those skills you retained from classes, internships etc. Because my career is on the creative side, I am able to work on fun projects and utilize creative thinking and writing every single day. It’s a wonderful challenge when I am creating content, researching and concepting ideas, or helping to build my company’s brand.

I’ll admit, I get a little zing of jealously knowing 90% of my friends are still living the college dream. While I cozy up to Netflix in bed by 10:30, my friends are staying up until the wee hours of the morning most likely at a bar or just because, well, they can. I am just patiently waiting for them to join me in the real world. ๐Ÿ™‚

As my first week in the real world comes to close, I have actually found how easy it was to transition into this new lifestyle. I am extremely excited for what’s to come, and the freedom I have to try and learn new things.

Something I really like to live by: don’t ever settle. Don’t settle for a career or job you won’t be happy in, if you aren’t happy at your job now, will you ever? Find something you are truly passionate about, and pursue it. The transition from college-life to adult life will be a heck of a lot easier ๐Ÿ™‚



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