The Bachelorette Finale Is Terrifying If You Know Nothing About the Show

I was an avid watcher of this season’s The Bachelorette and this recap of the season finale was hilarious. Props to this TIME writer for sitting through the three hour season finale. His rendition of the season finale and the entire show will give you a great laugh today! 🙂


I’ve never seen an episode of The Bachelorette. The editors at TIME have been sending me into extremely unfamiliar territory of late and I’ve been instructed to watch and write about the season finale of the show. So I arranged to go to the home of a friend who is hosting a season finale party for the roughly dozen women in her fantasy Bachelorette league (which is a thing, so there you have it—we’re already breaking ground in this investigation).

Once more unto the breach.

Before we begin, this is what I know about The Bachelorette: a group of bachelors compete through feats of strength, wit and charm for the affections of a bachelorette, who confers her approval by giving the winner a rose. There’s a companion show called The Bachelor. In the season finale of this show, I think, two men enter the competition and one…

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