Two Months Unemployed

It’s been two months exactly as I write this. It’s been two, very long, agonizing months of fear, doubt, change and confusion. I can’t say it was all that bad, however. I was able to spend all day with my kitties (calling all crazy cat ladies), sleep until I woke up, and soak up the summer sun by my outdoor pool. Now that I have landed in my next adventure, I can take a huge sigh of relief, for many reasons. I am financially stable again, I have structure and a schedule, and most importantly – I get to interact and converse with someone other than my cats every day (sorry, Max and Lulu). MaxLuluBlog

Optimism is Everything

Reflecting over the last two months, it has been quite the ordeal. But because I always try to live on the optimistic side and find the silver lining in just about anything, I feel thankful I experienced this type of rejection and struggle so early on in my career. Did I think something like this would happen 6 months after I graduated college? No. I expected to soar high above the clouds and find my perfect altitude. Instead, I was sucked into a 747 jet engine and thrown spinning uncontrollably to the ground. But after a few dizzy spells and disorientation, I got back on my feet and proudly walked into every opportunity available. It was challenging nonetheless, but a necessity if I wanted to get back into this competitive industry as soon as possible. You don’t just sit around and wait for a job in the marketing/advertising/PR industry to fall right in your lap, so I posted up at my computer every single day from 9-5 researching and seeking out companies I would love to work for. Close to 50 cover letters and job applications later, a select few saw something special in me amongst a stack of equally qualified candidates. I interviewed, and interviewed…. and interviewed some more, leaving each one with high hopes for my future and imagining myself back at work with a brand new wardrobe, and a passion-filled drive to go along with it. You can imagine my disappointment when most of those interviews turned out to be the last form of communication I ever had with the company.

Well… It Finally Happened!

After an emotionally draining rollercoaster of hope and frustration, someone finally saw potential in me. I am extremely excited to see how I can contribute my talents to a successful and thriving marketing and advertising agency. As you can see, I was SO happy to put on something other than pajamas, and have a legitimate reason to go out in public. First day of work selfie! 🙂 Blog1

So, now that I am settled nicely into a new job, what did I learn during my time of unemployment?

  • I really hate roller coasters. Metaphorical ones and real ones.
  • Happy hour is far and few in between which is extremely depressing.
  • But, on the other hand, when you allow yourself a few dollars for a Summer Shandy on the patio of a downtown bar, it’s the best treat in the world.
  • The Today Show’s Wille Geist is amazing, charming, beautiful and funny. He is one of the co-hosts during the third hour. Willie Geist
  • Your pets get extremely needy, but at the same time they are the only things to keep you company and you start having legitimate conversations with them.
  • Did I mention how boring it is?
  • You start memorizing the daily TV schedule. (I started to get pretty good at Jeopardy!)

[OK, I didn’t really get that good. I got about as good as this SNL skit]:

  • When you first become unemployed you think: ‘wow look at all this free time I have!’ and that initial excitement is countered immediately when you realize you have no money to do anything fun.
  • The only true highlight of each day was getting up in time to watch all four hours of the Today Show.
  • You finally have all of this free time now to get in shape and get tan. Do you do it? No. You attempt one day of it and realize no matter how much extra time you have, it will never happen.
  • You actually enjoy cleaning your apartment because you have to stare at it all day if it’s dirty and cluttered, and that’s really gross.
  • Social media creeping reaches an unhealthy level of stalking.
  • Refreshing your email every few minutes to see if you have a new lead on a job becomes an OCD.
  • The mall is the worst possible place to go because it makes you cry at all of the summer fashion you’re missing out on. Especially Target.

Clearly my priorities were right on track!

Alright. Rambling over. Beer cracked. Cheers to the next chapter in my life! Blog2   Endnote: In all seriousness, something I wish I had done immediately upon becoming unemployed was dedicating some free time to volunteer. I got into it way too late, and now I don’t have as much free time anymore. I started volunteering with Finnegans about a month ago. If you haven’t tried a Finnegans yet, it’s one of my favorite beers and 100% of the profits go to feed the hungry. They have a great mission – turning beer into food  #teamFINNEGANS #dogood 


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