Stop Saying Sorry

Another great ad created by Pantene for their #ShineStrong campaign. I didn’t think they could top first one, “Labels Against Women” (see it here), which was done by Pantene Philippines, but they did! 

I hate to admit how correctly they depict women in this ad. I am one of them! I say sorry way to often, I know I need to stop over-apologizing. 

Pantene says it really well on its YouTube channel: “Sure, it’s polite to say “sorry” sometimes. But for everything? No way. Be confident and #ShineStrong.”

There is no reason we, as women, should apologize as often we tend to do. Inspire, motivate, criticize and question those around you, and stop apologizing so damn much!

Here’s the awesome ad: 

Cheers to be a powerful woman! 


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