Beer Exploration: Last Minute Summer Sips

As summer abruptly comes to an end this Labor Day weekend, I thought my summer beer tasting experience was over. I happened across two beers in the last few weeks, however, that deserve some recognition as I sip some of my favorite summer beers for the last time. Ok, well, until next summer. But that seems dreadfully far away with a Minnesota winter looming upon us.

In case you missed my last beer exploration, I created a “Sip Score” that I use to rate each beer I have:

 Sip Score rating breakdown [1 being the worst, 5 being the best]

1. Nope. Never. Don’t ever drink this (This is my personal opinion. I do appreciate good beer, even if it’s not my style).

2. Not my cup of tea, but probably someone else’s. 

3. Indifferent about it. Not amazing but not terrible. Drinkable. 

4. Great flavor, would definitely drink again.

5. Mind. Blown. Immediately adding to my “favorite beers of all time” list. 


Blue Moon Agave Blonde Ale

I am extremely disappointed in myself for not trying this seasonal beer sooner. I absolutely loved it! Light, refreshing and subtly sweet. It was a great tasting beer that is perfect on a hot summer BlueMoonBeerBlogday at the cabin.

As I am looking for online reviews of this beer – my search shows up for  “Agave Nectar Ale” – I am not sure if this is the same beer or not. They both have the the same label, and a similar description. Interesting.

(If anyone has any insight on this – please let me know!)

Although Blue Moon has been under fire in the past by the Brewer’s Association for pretending to be a craft brewery, when they are actually brewed by MillerCoors, I have always liked Blue Moon a lot.

 Here is my review of the beer:

A Wonderfully sweet, refreshing & crisp blonde ale that is perfect for any outdoor summer gathering. 

Here is how Blue Moon describes this seasonal:

“Agave nectar is a natural sweetener similar to honey, but with a nuttier taste. Our limited summer release is crafted with agave nectar and white wheat for a subtle sweetness and a balanced taste with a smooth finish.”

I am hoping I can find this beer again. I only found it in the Blue Moon summer sampler pack, so I might have to wait until next summer to try it again.

 Sip Score: 5 sips out of 5 (in the summertime)


Fulton – The Ringer

I had the pleasure of doing a brewery tour at Fulton a few weeks ago in Minneapolis. Can I just say they got extremely FultonBrewerylucky with their location? Centered right in the North Loop overlooking the Minneapolis skyline and Target Field? Amazing.

While I was waiting for the brewery tour to start, I enjoyed one of their selections that is only available on tap. I am almost positive this beer is also only available at the Fulton Brewery, but I could be mistaken. (Again, if anyone knows – let me know!) 

I really, really liked this beer. It’s probably not something I will seek out, but I am hopeful for its availability at Minneapolis bars once the Fulton Brewery expansion is complete.

Here’s my review:

“Full of flavor with a little hop at the end. A delicious traditional pale ale”

Here is Fulton’s description on its website:

“Bright citrus and floral aromas introduce refreshingly light malt body”

Sip Score: 3.5 sips out of 5


As always, if you have any recommendations for me comment below or tweet at me, cheers!


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