Oktoberfest Beer

Such kind works from a fellow blogger. It’s good to see another passionate writer out there!

August MacGregor

I was inspired by Erin’s blog to taste-test some Oktoberfest beers. When I read her blog post, it was one of those slap-myself-in-the-forehead moments:

I’ve been blogging about Oktoberfest and Bavaria. Check.

Beer is a big part of Oktoberfest. Check.

I like beer. Check!

That leaves me with no excuse to skip out on the beer sampling fun. (I get stuck in rut with some things — I have beers that I like and stick to them.)

So, a thank you to Erin for inspiring me to branch out of my beer comfort zone. Please go check out her blog and see what she thought of the beers she tried out: Schells Oktoberfest and Summit Oktoberfest. Also, I very much recommend her post Seat 6E, about the consequences of not taking risks. It spoke to me as I work toward my dream to be a full-time writer.

Now for my…

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