Weekend Happy Hour Picks

This being the first post of many – let me give a little background on why I chose to blog about something that may seem irrelevant to some.

Here’s the ultimate dream:

Have enough money to travel, sample and sip delicious food and drink all over the world – and find the best bang for your buck while I’m doing it.

Everyone possess that crazy, sometimes unattainable-feeling dream – whether it be in your career, personal life, or family life – we all have them. Why not do whatever it takes to get there? My eclectic dream of traveling the world, meeting new people, and finding the best food and drinks around is something I’m working towards… but right now I’m taking baby steps and scoping out the best (in my personal opinion) spots in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Being a twenty-something has it’s pros & cons

I love being in my twenties, seriously. I thought my life was over when college ended (still kind of stings to think about that amazing experience) but let’s get real: our lives have just begun. First, a pro – I finally have a steady job where happy hour is a must because one, I can afford it and two, sometimes I need to complain about my busy day over cocktails & appetizers. On the other hand there are cons. For example, I may have a steady paycheck, but I am in no means to do what I love (travel) because the savings account is still looking a little dry. (and that’s okay. I am still young!)

Before I go on a tangent, let’s jump right in:

Billy’s on Grand – St. Paul

This place is one of my new favorites. Centered right in one of the coolest and most Billys on Grandhistoric places in the Twin Cities (Summit Ave., anyone? Have you seen those houses?!) it’s a perfect spot to grab a drink and a bite.

At first glance they look like your average sports bar, but they are really much more that that. The happy hour specials are amazing for one, and to top it off – the food is outstanding. Check ’em out sometime. Here’s what I found as I wandered in on a Sunday afternoon:


$3.50 Absolute Screwdrivers, Mimosas, and Screw Ups
$3.50 Bloody Mary bar with Absolute (I love a good Bloody Mary bar, this one had everything)

Bills on Grand Food An almost-empty plate. A seriously delicious chicken sandwhich

Raku Sushi – St. Louis Park, West End

If you aren’t a sushi lover, then I am sorry to hear that. If you are a sushi lover, or are Raku_Sushiitching to try some, I was very impressed with not only their prices, but the sushi was incredibly fresh and well presented. I didn’t get a chance to get a photo of the happy hour menu, but I took down a few notes when I got home:

$5-$8 a roll – $5 for more traditional rolls like California Roll or Yellowtail Roll, $8 for some of their speciality rolls (you get 8 pieces) and it’s so worth it. 
$2 off taps and rail drinks + great deals on Sake 

Cooper – St. Louis Park, West End

This place is the happy hour goers dream. I’m serious. They have a special every single night, so you’re bound to find one of them you like. Not to mention the interior is so Cooper_BloodyMaryartfully crafted, you feel like you’re sitting in a real Irish pub… in Ireland. I think I like to go there so much because it reminds me of my time abroad which I miss every single day of my life.

I am not positive on the exact times for these specials, they have so many, so be sure to call to find out exactly what times/days they have the drink specials. The food specials, however, stay the same (noted in the photo).

Here’s the lowdown on a few in particular:
$4.75 big gingers 
$1 off wines
$9 Bloody Mary (WITH A BURGER ON IT) during brunch on Saturday’s & Sunday’s

Cooper Happy Hour

If you have any suggestions for me of places to try – please pass them my way! I love trying new foods and drinks, and it doesn’t hurt when it’s for half the price!


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