Weekday Happy Hour Picks – Let’s Talk Uptown

Who doesn’t love a good evening rendezvous in Uptown? A couple of cheap drinks and good eats are in order, especially after a hard days work.

I explored the streets of Uptown over the last week and found a new favorite, an old classic, and a highly overrated cocktail bar/restaurant (in my opinion).

Coup d’état

Happy Hour: 5pm – 7pm  and 10pm – Midnight

I still can’t seem to get the pronunciation down. The word is French for “the sudden and illegal seizure of a government.” I’ll have to find out why it’s named this next time I visit.

This hidden gem was featured in the January issue of the Mpls St. Paul Magazine so I had some high expectations going into it, and my time there on a Tuesday evening exceeded those expectations.

Beer and a BumpAlthough this decision may not be a final one, this may be the best happy hour spot I have found so far on my journey of food/drink in Minneapolis. Let’s talk drinks first: you can order a Beer and a Bump for $5 (I ordered a PBR and a shot of Jameson) and some delicious specialty cocktails for $6.

Now for the eats: try the mussels. That is all. For less than $8, you’re getting enough to share with 1-2 people. The sausage pizza was also another great pick – drizzled with truffle oil.

If you’re not feeling the happy hour specials they have an outstanding selection of tap beer. (pictured below)

Uptown Bar Happy Hour

The Libertine

Happy Hour: 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm Everyday & 10:00 pm – 12:00 pm Sun-Thurs

At first glance this place looks chic, inviting and the perfect spot to chill after a long Libertine Happy Hourdays work. If only I hadn’t tried the food I may still be intrigued by this place. The “happy hour” menu seems enticing at first. they have a short list of $5 snacks that all sound different and delicious – but don’t get too excited.

We tried the fried pig ears for fun and the chicken korokee, both were mediocre and not shareable. Both snacks weren’t even enough for one person. The fried pig ears tasted like burnt bacon. I love trying adventures food and thought this would be the place to do so, not so much with this snack menu.

I also found they don’t have any tap beers on special during happy hour – only 16oz cans. Huge bummer for me – but the price sans happy hour wasn’t all that bad for Uptown. ($6 for most craft beers)

I won’t rule it out yet because I have heard they make some mean drinks. I’ll have to go back sometime for their speciality cocktails.

Stella’s Fish Cafe

Happy Hour: all day on Sundays

If you haven’t graced this Uptown classic, it’s a must. However, if you are a Minneapolis residentStella's-Fish-Cafe I am sure you have been here at least once (probably at 1:00 am on a Friday night). I am including this in my weekday happy hour picks because it’s a great Sunday happy hour spot. Yes, I am counting Sunday as a weekday… because my adult self has this “adult life” I have to get to every Monday. (sigh… I miss college.)

If you want to truly do Sunday Funday right, Stella’s is a good place to go. 2 for 1 drinks is really all I need to tell you. What’s even better is they aren’t giving you crap beer like Coors Light – you get Stella. (I can’t confirm all of the beers that are part of the special, so I’ll have to go there again and let you know… 🙂 )



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